Year 9 Blogging – A New Adventure

My Year 9 students are currently dipping their toes into the world of blogging (some of the students currently watching me write this don’t particularly like the “dipping their toes” metaphor).  It is all part of a plan to encourage students to compose persuasive writing, without only composing essays.

One my of students is telling me that Tumblr is better for people her age – WordPress is more for grown-ups.  Tumblr has pictures and is not “boring” – and students feel like they can express themselves and people can’t judge them.  The idea of sending messages to each other is also attractive.  WordPress looks like their assessment work, Tumblr more their leisure time.  Addictive, as one student is telling me.

And yet Tumblr is blocked here, as it is in most schools.  So, WordPress it continues to be – without the engagement level that Tumblr can provide.


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  1. Thanks for your kind words. I am more than happy to contribute to extending good practice wherever I can and for FREE. In a previous TM in Sydney I talked about that very thing giving yourself and your resources away for free. It is my belief that the more the educational community does it the more we will grow.

    Teachmeets really can be such a great sharing or practice from practitioners. To my mind it is the later part of that sentence that matters. As @pipcleaves tweeted during my presentation: “Great to see @largerama walking the talk” and I state in my bio: “Wanting to push USEFUL boundaries” – It is the practicality of being able to make a difference with something. And your comments re some keynotes are right however there are others where they are worth the money and the time. I suspect that these ones are the ones who will also participate in teachmeets for free!!

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