Electroboard Workshop at the CEO Elearn Day

Adam Tulissio from Electroboard is presenting at the CEO Elearning Day at the Southern Region Office, canvassing questions from the gathered staff about how to best use Electroboard in their classrooms.
Question 1. We don’t use the Smartboards
Question 2. Recording lessons without making a huge file.
Question 3. Finding and templates and resources already present, making templates
Question 4. Recording video
Question 5. Games

These questions were answered through Adam showing what Version 10.8 of the software does.

Hence, we were shown these tools:
-Staff can embed all documents, such as Word documents into a Smart Notebook file – and can prepare work at home because you can install Smart Notebooks software into a home computer.
-The software allows for tables to be made, like MS Word, but with a finger.
-The Calligriphic Pen gives a better looking pen on the screen – part of the new software.
-Windows computers – very important to have the correct screen resolution setting for the Smartboard – 1024 x 768 is the best setting.
-The Magic Pen provides a chance for teachers to focus on particular objects, magnify them as well as having notes fade after 12 seconds.
-Show / Hide screen shade tool is very helpful in order to reveal board notes one group at a time.
-Words copied from a Word document can be excised from documents in order to make a cloze passage.
-It is quite possible to overuse the IWB.
-Secondary teachers have a more difficult relationship with Smartboards than primary because of the nature of the day to day routine. Suggestion was made for staff to install the software on home and/ or work computer so they can play with the possibilities.
-Better to give students a Smart Notebook version of the lessons than a pdf.
-Important to tell the computer tech people to install Smart Notebook updates to all computers.
-The embedding of video was shown – but it’s important to have a Transcoding Software Package installed in your computers in order for it to work.
-The attachments tab will allow you to insert things like Word documents, hyperlinks and videos.
Comment : This really requires some playing with the program at home and in preparation time – however, can work as a reusable resource, to be adapted over the year.
-Attachments in the Smart Notebook files means that you can have a hub, rather than having it on files scattered around the system.
-The Smart Notebook program can be used like a Powerpoint, except with the capabilities of Mindmaps and the other things that you could do with Smartboard tech.

Comment: Representation Assessment Tasks could be easily achieved through use of this software, without concerns about different versions of Microsoft Powerpoint.

The page recorder tool was shown – it only records one page at a time.  However, via Smartboard tools – the white circle in a blue box contains Smart Recorder – which saves your lessons as .wmv files (on Windows machines).  Suggestion was made to purchase a desktop microphone in order to record the lesson with better sound.

These are the links to the Smart Notebook 10.8 for Mac and Smart Notebook 10.8 for Windows software updates.

Also, if you want a link to the Google Doc to the notes, find it here.


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