Teach Meet South West May 2012 – Group Dreaming and Blogging

The participants at TeachMeet SouthWest at Good Samaritan Catholic College held on May 15, 2012 were asked to pool in three groups the thoughts of everyone in response to these questions – this blog is a summary of those thoughts.

1. What can we already do with technology?

-access a lot of new information and people

-new way of informing others

-giving access to experts all over the world

-instant communication

-publishing and sharing student work

-the same things we can do without technology – powerpoint

-more interactive

-more non-face-to-face time – which can be just as valuable

-takes the classroom beyond the classroom

-multiple mediums/devices/spaces

-save time – in preparation and delivery

-takes away the teacher basedness of teaching

– Being innovative – doesn’t matter what we can do, but what can students do?

2. What do we want to do with technology?

– take over the world

– make the kids more confident learners

– more/wider ranging opportunities

– discover on their own

-equip them with applications that will use

-learn beyond their means

– etiquette

– when it does work?

– Make life easier

– sharing resources

– not feel like a slave to technology

– advance with technology

– learn more through technology and be able to pass on to our students

– learn how not to waste time

– provide equity to students

– Engage!

– Integrate technology into the classroom

– Increasing speed of learning

– Enhance the learning experience

3. How could students lead teachers with technology?

– show and tell – app time

– der projects

– younger groups being taught by elders

– students pick things up so quickly, they do it for you, giving them opportunities

– “just look it up on youtube and we will follow it up”

– “just google it”

– Community of learners instead of a dictatorship of knowledge

– Students passing on skills to teachers – helps develop future leaders

– teachers willing to listen to students

– allowing them to develop confidence to share, educate and lead others

– students teaching

4. What tools could be useful to us?

class dojo, thoughts.com (controlled blogging), prezi, posterous, mystar, popplet, bubbl.us, storyboards, evernote, apps, geo caching, kerpoof, qr codes

Edmodo, blogging/Wikis/Google Docs and Google sites, Wordle, surveymonkey, quia. Collaboration tools in general.

computer apps, xbox kinect, edmodo, sites that allow the sharing of resources, twitter, social networking

5. How can mobile learning be useful to us?

– Financially it is brilliant – dictionary.com on their phone, accessibility is easy and more centralised, all the time, music as a focus/learning tool, students are all on the same page, no dissdvantage as they are on an even playing field, online versions of texts,

– Apps such as Dropbox, elearning site apps (such as Edmodo) allow instant access to education for students AND teachers

– Apps, accessibility, swiss army knife analogy where you have multiple tools at hand ready to use.

7. Games – could we them in our classes?

– Yes  –  DEC project PLANE Journey, Bianca Hewes on Edmodo’s example of role playing games through edmodo, history games – little interactive, Ancient Egypt, COD, youtube clips, BBC, scope to have students create their own games and ideas – high order thinking, maths games – mathletics, world maths and spellings day, languages acitivities and games, vokis, cross curricular and school wide games based learning.

-The idea of gaming needs to be rethought – gaming as a means of fun?

– Don’t we already use them. Problem solving strategies, instant feedback on some games, educational software, incorporation of tools and skills, sense of challenge.

-Yes – simulation of understanding of ideas ; Age of Empires ; Sim City ; Who Wants to Be A Millionaire ; Comic strip makers ; Math apps – Slice It ; PowerPoint Jeopardy

I would like to thank all the contributors to the TeachMeet Southwest for contributing to this blog – the thoughts act as a bit of a signpost as to the thoughts about technology right now and what is actually being used.

I also include the video made for the TeachMeet by @largerama


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